Writing, Ghostwriting, and Collaboration

> For publishers who have a concept or series, Anna can develop and write the full-length manuscript, in coordination with the in-house editor or editorial team.

> For subject matter experts, family historians, and aspiring memoirists, Anna can help organize expertise and experience to turn an idea or partial draft into a polished book or book proposal.

Anna has written and ghostwritten children’s and YA books, movie-to-book adaptation, guidebooks, and books on a range of topics, including self-help and personal growth, art, trauma, and activism.

Book Doctoring, Developmental Editing, AND LINE Editing

Have a manuscript that's complete but rough? Almost finished but not quite working? Started but stuck? Anna can finish what you've started, provide an in-depth editorial evaluation, and polish your prose.                              

Book Coaching

You know you have something to say, but you aren't sure how to say it. Anna can help you figure out the purpose, structure, and publishing plan for your book. Think of book coaching as a healthy hybrid between therapy, consultation, and education.


If you're ready to get started, or not quite sure what you're looking for, contact Anna here.